4 Wonderful Tips On How To Buy Sunglasses

4 Wonderful Tips On How To Buy Sunglasses

People wear sunglasses for a number of reasons. One of the major reasons is to protect the eye from the rays of the sun and the second most obvious reason is to look fashionable. It is true that the environment we live in does a lot of damage to our eyes and in most cases it becomes necessary to wear sunglasses. No matter what your reason is for wearing sunglasses, they protect your eyes and also make you look stylish. If you are considering buying a pair of sunglasses, here are few tips on how to buy an appropriate one.

Protection against Ultra Violet Light

UV rays emitted from the sun can be harmful for the eyes. They can cause macular degeneration, cataracts and other type of ailments. Fortunately, 99% of these rays do not even reach the surface of the earth, but that remaining 1% can cause a lot of damage. If you go out in the sunlight often, it is important that you buy a pair of sunglasses which blocks UV lights. These days, good brands of rectangle sunglasses come with UV protection and these are a great choice for all those who are worried about their eye health.


Many people think that light travels in a straight line. The fact is that light bounces from one surface to another and cause glare from a number of elements such as glass, green grass, water and white sand. When you buy glasses with polarized lenses, you permit only vertical rays to pass through them which reduces glare.


Sunglasses come in various colors. Although the color of the glasses does not have to do anything with polarization, they do have an effect on clarity, depth perception and glare. These days, most glasses come with grey lenses which are a neutral color and do not distort color. Other colors which are available include red, brown, green, yellow and orange. The color of lenses that you have chosen should be considered carefully. Make sure that when you wear them in sunlight, you are comfortable with it and that it does not distort color and increase glare on the glasses.


Frames come in a range of styles and they also vary in weight and durability. When buying a pair of sunglasses, you must make sure that they look good on you, are durable and light weight. Do not buy sunglasses which look good, but aren’t comfortable.

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