5 Ways to Get the Best Out Of Your Human Hair Wig

5 Ways to Get the Best Out Of Your Human Hair Wig

1. Use a wide tooth comb from bottom to top of wig

Good quality wigs are densely-packed with hair – and thus contain many more strands than are normally found on the average human scalp. Hair is therefore prone to regular tangling. It’s logical to assume that a bristle hairbrush is the easiest way to de-tangle a human hair wig but brushes should be avoided as they place too much strain on the join between the wig base and the hair strand. Always use a wide tooth comb (gentler on hair) and comb from the ends of the hair upwards to avoid accidentally pulling out precious (and expensive!) hair strands.

2. Wash with specially-formulated wig shampoo and conditioner

Many individuals assume that regular shampoo and conditioner is adequate for their real https://grolevelhair.com/ wig but unfortunately off-the-shelf products may contain ingredients that can deteriorate the wig’s quality. For instance, too high an alcohol content can destroy hair strands – remember, real hair wig hair strands do not contain nourishing oils or protein to replenish/restore hair. Always use specially formulated wig shampoo and conditioner and follow manufacturer’s guidelines. Many people recommend T-Range from well-known real hair suppliers Trendco.

3. Never use hot or boiling water to wash your human hair wig

Water that is too hot can negatively affect the quality of your real hair wig so always use tepid water when washing. Never wring or briskly towel-dry your wig as you might inadvertently pull out strands. It is best to blot excess water with a towel made of natural fibres e.g. cotton or silk.

4. Heated appliances should never exceed 180 degrees centigrade

Like natural hair, human hair wigs can also withstand heated appliances such as hair dryers, heated rollers, hair straighteners and curling irons. However, many ceramic heated appliances can exceed temperatures of 200 degrees centigrade – which can destroy or melt real hair. It is generally recommended that you never exceed 180 degrees centigrade but always consult your manufacturer’s guidelines.

5. Avoid prolonged exposure to sunshine and harsh weather conditions

Believe it or not, human hair wigs should be treated exactly like your skin. This means that you should avoid exposing your wig to long bouts of hot sunshine as the hair quality can deteriorate and colour can fade. Similarly, your wig should not be exposed over a long period to heavy rain or harsh winds. Always wear a head cover in extreme weather conditions – again, preferably made from natural material like 100% cotton or silk to best protect the hair.


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