Crystals and Gemstones Cleaning and Care

Crystals and Gemstones Cleaning and Care

The importance of Caring for your Gemstones and Crystals

Gemstones are truly gifts from nature, and each stone is unique without its parallel. To maintain the luster, sparkle or other natural beauty qualities of your gemstone, it is necessary to care for your one of a kind gemstone.

The vibrations associated with natural Tuerkis gemstones and crystals that benefits us physically, emotionally and spiritually, will also collect vibrations from its surrounding environment, including both positive and negative energies. It is important to clean any “build-up” in the gemstone to allow for a clear path in healing.

Physically Cleaning the Gemstone

To maintain the natural beauty of your gemstone jewelry, it is recommended that you use these safe ways to preserve your gemstones:

– Use a soft toothbrush to clean away any debris on the gemstone.

– Be careful to store your gemstones in a place where they won’t clash together and chip.

– Avoid soaking soft gemstones, stone clusters or geodes to prevent from breaking or crumbling.
These gemstones include garnet, amber, apatite, sunstone, aventurine, coral, emerald, jade, pearls, pyrite.

– Avoid drastic temperature changes as this does harm to many gemstones

– Keep jewelry and gemstones in stable container or soft pouch when not wearing or using.

As a general rule, gemstones are natural objects and chemical cleaners may do harm to many gemstones.

Purifying and Clearing Crystal and Gemstone Energies


Sea Salt crystals have the capability of absorbing all negative energies and clearing the energies around them.

– Fill container with enough natural dry sea salt to submerge your gemstone inside.

– Submerge gemstone completely inside sea salt.

– After a few minutes, check the gemstone and intuitively feel its effect–the gemstone’s energy should feel cleaner

For stronger negative energy yields, it may be a good idea to place your gemstones in salt water for a few minutes time up to twenty four hours. Keep in mind, however, that many gemstones are susceptible to soaking in water and may crumble or break if they are porous.


This is a traditional method used by Native American shamans. Smokes of specific herbs have a cleansing effect on energies. Dry sage, cedar and sweet grass will have an efficient effect on this. For an easier way, smudge sticks can be found in some New Age stores.

– Light smudge stick or dry herbs over fire-resistant dish.

– Take gemstone and pass it through the smoke, making sure the smoke envelops it completely.

– Intuitively judge the effect of the smoke to determine when to end.


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