In the domain of weed, not many strains have procured the standing and love that Gorilla Paste #4 orders. This strong cultivar, likewise referred to just as GG4, has turned into a staple in the weed local area for its powerful impacts and uncommon tar creation. To genuinely comprehend the appeal of Gorilla Paste #4, one should dive into its beginnings, attributes, and the powerful experience it offers to marijuana lovers.

Starting points and Hereditary Legacy

Gorilla Paste #4 rose up out of a random intersection of three strains: Sharp Dubb, Chem’s Sister, and Chocolate Diesel. This hereditary mix brought about a crossover known for its noteworthy intensity and resinous buds. The apple fritter strain name gives proper respect to its cement like pitch creation, which prompted its important moniker.

Strong Impacts and THC Content

GG4 is eminent for its high THC content, which can arrive at levels as high as 30%. This makes it one of the most intense strains that anyone could hope to find. Its belongings are described by a strong, full-bodied high that instigates profound unwinding and happiness. Notwithstanding its indica-prevailing hereditary qualities, GG4 frequently gives a reasonable encounter, with an underlying cerebral buzz that slowly sinks into a mitigating actual quiet.

Resinous Buds and Fragrance

One of the most striking highlights of Gorilla Paste #4 is its excellent gum creation. The buds are covered with a thick layer of trichomes, giving them a tacky, stick like surface. This gum isn’t just outwardly noteworthy yet additionally adds to the strain’s power.

As far as fragrance, GG4 oozes an impactful, natural fragrance with notes of pine and diesel. This mind boggling scent is a demonstration of the strain’s different hereditary genealogy and terpene profile.

Clinical Applications

Past its sporting allure, Gorilla Paste #4 has tracked down an important spot in the domain of restorative weed. Its strong impacts make it a viable apparatus for overseeing ongoing agony, a sleeping disorder, and stress. Furthermore, its mind-set upgrading properties might give alleviation to people battling with temperament problems like sadness and uneasiness.

Social Effect and Inheritance

GG4’s standing for conveying a strong and balanced high has hardened its status as a cherished strain among weed fans. Its impact stretches out past its starting points, making it a sought-after cultivar in dispensaries around the world. GG4’s inheritance as an intense and resinous strain proceeds to enthrall and move weed shoppers all over the planet.


Gorilla Paste #4 stands as a demonstration of the power and flexibility of pot. Its beginnings, resinous buds, and powerful impacts have laid out it as a valued strain in the pot world. From its origin as a painstakingly created crossover to its status as a number one among pot devotees, Gorilla Paste #4 offers a strong and vital experience to those looking for the unmatched impacts that this momentous strain gives.

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