Increase the Value of Your Home With Palm Trees

Increase the Value of Your Home With Palm Trees

Good landscaping can increase the value of your home tremendously. It can make the difference between a house that sells and one that sits on the market for months. If you have a decently sized yard, palm trees can make a great asset to your landscaping, framing the design beautifully, making your house feel bigger and adding a nice tropical feel to its outdoors space.

When to Plant your Palm Trees

The best time to start your palm landscape project is during the summer or spring, when the weather is warm, as palm trees need a lot of sun to grow. If you already live in a tropical climate, you can start planting your palms anytime.

Do Your Research

Before you get too far ahead of yourself, do some research on the growth pattern of the various palms that are available to you. Pay attention especially to how wide they grow and how high. You don’t want to end up with a tree that will be too big for your home, or with one whose roots may cause damage to your home’s foundations, pool, retaining walls or walking paths later on.

Don’t Plant Too Close to the House

Palm trees grow a lot, and they grow very quickly garden center in Rockland county. One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is to plant a young harmless-looking palm tree too close to the house, only to have that tree grow into a tropical giant that takes over their roof and damages the house.

Plant in Moderation

A key element in using trees well in your home is planting them strategically and not going overboard. Placing a palm in every spot available will only make your yard feel cluttered and chaotic. Planting 3 palms or less is a good rule of thumb. Position them in a way that is visually pleasing and works with the space you have, rather than in an evenly spaced patterns. It’s the foliage and flowers around the palm trees that is going to make them look good. Adding color to the mix is an important part of brining your landscape designs to life.


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