Morphine is usually given to patients for providing pain relief to them since it is among the most effective drugs in treating severe pain. Even the new pain relieving drugs are tested against the efficacy standards set by Morphine. There are numerous Morphine based products under various brand names available in the market. Morphine drugs are sold under these names in the US: RMS, Oramorph SR, Kadian, Roxanole and MSIR. It is also used as a sedative with patients who have to undergo operations.

Morphine in Various forms

There are various forms in which Morphine can be taken by the patients – these include oral solutions, injections, suppositories, and capsules and tablets. Irrespective of what form of Morphine you are using, it is equally addictive. Once you become used to Morphine abuse, you can easily get addicted.

You are Not the Only Person Affected

Morphine addiction in many cases becomes a life threatening problem. Apart from fentanyl detox the addict, other people around them can also be extremely hard hit. Even the first step of admission that there is an addiction problem is extremely difficult for the addict. If the problem has to be overcome, the step has to be taken howsoever difficult this might seem. The next obvious step is to look for help and accept it from addiction professionals.

Time for Drug Rehabilitation Program

Now is the time to go for appropriate drug rehabilitation programs. These programs do not make the addict realize that they were wrong in the past; they are simply told how they can avoid future problems. They receive extensive knowledge on how they can change the quality of their lives and live well even without Morphine. The environment of drug Rehabilitation Programs should be stable and safe and favorable to actual addiction recovery. The best success rates have been observed in three month long residential treatment programs. These three months look like a long period of recovery though the change it brings to the overall quality of life of drug addicts is just superb.

It’s a Long Drawn Process

Drug rehabilitation centers treat the recovery program as a long term process divided in multiple phases. The first step of drug addiction treatment is detoxification which first starts with physical detoxification. Even other factors such as meeting someone from their drug abuse days, living in the same environment, and even smells and objects can bring back difficult addiction memories back thus creating psychological stress for the addict. Obviously the goal being followed by drug rehabilitation centers includes complete recovery, which becomes complicated due to arrival of these small but difficult factors.

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