Top Answers to the Wholesale Vapor Liquid Questions You Want to Ask

Top Answers to the Wholesale Vapor Liquid Questions You Want to Ask

With so many choices,Top Answers to the Wholesale Vapor Liquid Questions You Want to Ask Articles it’s no surprise new users have questions about this essential vaping option. To assist in your search for the perfect vaping flavor, here are the top answers to the most common wholesale vapor liquid questions.

What Is Vapor-Liquid?
Vaping liquid (also known as e-liquid, or e-juice) is a vaping mixture created from an atomizing base, flavoring, and an optional level of nicotine. It is one of the leading components to vaping and helps to determine the type of hit you will experience.

What Type of Atomizing Bases Are Used?
Although there are a few different options used to make vaping liquids, there are two primary base options for e-liquids. Each of these atomizing bases is a popular food additive, and include:

• Propylene Glycol – Commonly known as PG, this is the most popular type of e-liquid base. Due to its ability to hold water, propylene glycol is a thinner liquid, provides a stronger throat hit, and provides a more noticeable flavor. Since the 1950s, both nebulizers and asthma inhalers have used PG.

• Vegetable Glycerin – Referred to as VG and offers a thicker and sweeter experience. Therefore, it produces a far more massive vapor cloud to users, and is most commonly used to make fog in fog machines.

Does E-Liquid Have to Contain Nicotine?
The great thing about vaping is if you don’t want to use nicotine, you don’t have to. While it is a great option to help slowly reduce your nicotine levels to aid in your journey to stop smoking traditional cigarettes, there are plenty of e-liquid brands without any nicotine levels.

What Nicotine Levels Should I Use?
When trying to quit smoking, there are a few nicotine level options you can purchase. The exact level you should use is determined by how heavy a smoker you were, and what type of cigarettes you smoked (i.e. Full Flavor). For example, if you smoked less than a pack a day of light cigarettes, you may prefer to start with a lower dose of nicotine such as 3 to 6 mg/ml. However, heavier smokers may want to have higher concentrations somewhere between 12 and 18 mg/ml. In most situations, if you are looking to stop smoking (and from using nicotine entirely), you can begin by purchasing higher nicotine level e-liquids, while slowly purchasing lower and lower level vaporesso pods  options until you have removed nicotine from your vaping liquid entirely.

What Flavors Should I Order?
Like traditional cigarettes, e-liquids are all about personal choice. It is recommended for vapor users (especially beginners) to experiment with the various vaping liquid flavors. However, most companies will suggest tobacco and menthol to start out with because of its familiarity. Thankfully, if these options do not appeal to you, there are plenty of other options you can choose. Typical flavors stem from bakery and dessert options (vanilla, cotton candy, butter pecan, cinnamon, and more), fruit flavors (cherry, blueberry, strawberry, pineapple, etc.), mints, and drinks (sex on the beach, mojito, root beer, and more). Once you become more fluent in the vaping process, the sky is the limit. You can pick from the vast array of flavors, or even mix up your e-liquid to create the ultimate vaping experience.

If you have any additional inquiries about wholesale vapor liquid, send us a message today by emailing our helpful Kingdom Vapor experts at [email protected]. We live and breathe for the vapor industry, and we will answer your concerns as quickly as possible.

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